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We warmly welcome you to practice with us for the annual three month Winter Retreat.

From November 2013 to February 2014, exact date will be announced soon.

This retreat corresponds to the traditional rains retreat practiced by Buddhist monastics since the time of the Buddha. Exceptionally, Plum Village opens its doors to all lay practitioners.

You are welcome to visit during this special time, as in a general retreat, for at least one week. A shorter stay than one week is not possible, in order to maintain the calmness of the Sangha. We ask that you also respect the practice of the community and stay within the monastery boundaries during your retreat in order to generate a powerful energy of mindfulness and concentration. Longer retreats, of one, two, or the full three months, are available to practitioners who are already familiar with the Plum Village community.

Our Teacher will be present for the whole length of the retreat, offering two teachings every week, and will guide us in the study of the deep teachings of the Buddha. The Winter is a time for energetic, rigorous practice and concentration, during which we develop a strong energy of mutual support and brotherhood, but which also includes the very joyful celebrations of Christmas, and Solar and Lunar New Year.

The special events in this retreat:

    1. Christmas: December 2013
    2. New Year: December 2013 - January 2014
    3. Tet* (Vietnamese Lunar New Year): (February 2014)


*TET *(Vietnamese Lunar New Year) begins a very special, celebratory week of the year when Plum Village celebrates the Lunar New Year. The activities will be very festive, and includes visiting and having tea with the monks and nuns in our very own rooms (the only time of year that this is possible)!

Scheduled, formal practice will be at a minimum and as such may not be the best time for friends who wish to experience Thay's teachings and the Community's formal practice. There will still be collective activities every day, but mostly just being joyfully together.

If you are open to the idea of a much lighter, informal practice which is more festive (and a bit heavy on the tea-consumption) than by all means register. Again, please be advised that there will be no formal teachings or sitting meditation!


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