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From the September 2013, Plum Village will re-open to welcome guests. You are welcome to visit us during this period of time as in a general retreat, for at least one week.

The beautiful colours of the falling leaves will be on display as we enjoy walking meditation together in the woods around Plum Village.

The Autumn is a season for letting go of unnecessary thinking, coming back to the present moment to enjoy peaceful moments--raking leaves, planting trees, sharing tea and nourishing our joy.

Our teacher will be on a three month tour of North America. During this period of time our regular practice schedule continues with our resident Dharma Teachers guiding the practice. Please come and enjoy cultivating true happiness and freedom with us!


Registration - will be available soon!

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Upper Hamlet [single men, couples and family]

New Hamlet [single women, couples and family]

Lower Hamlet [single women, couples and family]